• International Liquidity

  • Continually Appreciating Asset (only one price decline since 1934)

  • Freedom From Government Control (which makes for a more stable investment)

  • Anonymous Ownership

Investment Diamonds Are The Only Investment

To Boast The Following Features:

  • Tangible Beauty

  • Management Free

  • Dwindling Supply and Increased Demand

  • Reliable Devaluation Hedge

I  N  V  E  S  T  M  E  N  T     D  I  A  M  O  N  D     B  R  O  K  E  R  S

  • Sealed With an Independent Tradable Laboratory Certificate Based On Scientific Gemological Grading Standards

  • The Most Concentrated Form of Wealth in the World

  • Superb Inflation Hedge

  • Portable and Not Visible by X-ray

  • Hardest Substance Known in the Universe