• Reliable devaluation hedge ​
  • Continually appreciating asset
  • Superb inflation hedge
  • International liquidity
  • Anonymous ownership
  • Freedom from governmental control
  • Dwindling supply with increased demand
  • Management free
  • Tangible beauty
  • Tax favored investment


​​What Is The Only Investment To Boast The Following Features?

Portable Wealth, Inc. has been in the investment diamond business for over 35 years.  Allow us to introduce you to the most lucrative alternative investment currently on the market.  Please enter you contact information below to view and download a 19-year performance comparison of the S&P 500 To Investment Grade Diamonds.  We will also send you an invitation to a free in-depth webinar on wealth accumulation and retirement planning through investing in Investment Diamonds.  This will be exclusively for Ron LeGrand’s The Mentor Podcast subscribers and network members.

I  N  V  E  S  T  M  E  N  T     D  I  A  M  O  N  D     B  R  O  K  E  R  S

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